Turkish Woodwind Kaba Zurna Custom Sizes

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  • Available Keys And Sizes For Kaba Zurna (zorna)
  • Fa =f 48 Cm (sivas-tokat Zurnas)
  • Mi=e 55,5 Cm (mehter And Aydin, Trakya Zurnas)
  • Please Let Us Know What Key You Want For Zurna
  •  Material: Plum Wood
  •  It Comes With 1 Pipe, 1 Staple For Reed And 10 Reeds(kamis)
  •  Tunes Is Counted  For 5 Finger Closed On Top . Bottom Is Closed 
  •  Technical Detail For Kaba Zurna
  •  Pitches According To The Keyboard Of The Piano
  •  Pitches According To The Keyboard Of The Zurna   
  • The Sound Obtained By Closing All Eight Fingerholes Is Equal To Do (c) Produced By The Piano.
  • At Kabazurna Fa (f)
  • At Piano Do (c)
  • At Kabazurna Sol (g)
  • At Piano Re (d)
  •  At Kabazurna La (a)
  • At Piano Mi (e)
  •  At Kabazurna Si (b)
  • At Piano Fadiyez (f#)
  •  At Kabazurna Do (c)
  • At Piano Sol (g)
  •  At Kabazurna Re (d)
  • At Piano La (a)
  •  At Kabazurna Mi (e)
  • At Piano Si (b)
  •  At Kabazurna Fa (f)
  • At Piano Do (c)
  • The Kabazurna (tenor Shawm), The Largest Member In Size Of The Zurna Family, Has A Smaller Employment Area Than The Other Folk Music Instruments. On The Other Hand, It Is The Primary Instrument Of Mehter Music And Folk Dancing Music.