Woodwind KABA Zurna Custom Sizes

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  • Available KEYS and Sizes for Kaba Zurna (Zorna)

  • Fa =F 48 cm (sivas-tokat Zurnas)
  • Mi=E 55,5 cm (Mehter and Aydin, trakya zurnas)
  •  Please let us know what key you want for Zurna
  •   Material: Plum wood
  •  It comes with 1 Pipe, 1 Staple For Reed and 10 Reeds(Kamis)
  •  TUNES IS COUNTED  for 5 finger closed on top . bottom is closed 
 Technical Detail for Kaba Zurna
  •  Pitches according to the keyboard of the piano
  •  Pitches according to the keyboard of the zurna   
  • the sound obtained by closing all eight fingerholes is equal to Do (C) produced by the piano.
  • at kabazurna fa (F)
  • at piano do (C)
  • at kabazurna sol (G)
  • at piano re (D)
  •  at kabazurna la (A)
  • at piano mi (E)
  •  at kabazurna si (B)
  • at piano fadiyez (F#)
  •  at kabazurna do (C)
  • at piano sol (G)
  •  at kabazurna re (D)
  • at piano la (A)
  •  at kabazurna mi (E)
  • at piano si (B)
  •  at kabazurna fa (F)
  • at piano do (C)
 The kabazurna (Tenor shawm), the largest member in size of the zurna family, has a smaller employment area than the other folk music instruments. On the other hand, it is the primary instrument of Mehter music and folk dancing music.