Turkish Woodwind Cherry KABA Zurna Custom Sizes NEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Available KEYS and Sizes for Kaba Zurna (Zorna)

Fa =F 48 cm (sivas-tokat Zurnas)
Mi=E 55,5 cm (Mehter and Aydin, trakya zurnas)

 Please let us know what key you want for Zurna


Material: cherry wood


It comes with 1 Pipe, 1 Staple For Reed and 10 Reeds(Kamis)


TUNES IS COUNTED  for 5 finger closed on top . bottom is closed 



Technical Detail for Kaba Zurna

 Pitches according to the keyboard of the piano

 Pitches according to the keyboard of the zurna 


the sound obtained by closing all eight fingerholes is equal to Do (C) produced by the piano.

                                                 at kabazurna fa (F)

at piano do (C)


at kabazurna sol (G)

at piano re (D)


at kabazurna la (A)

at piano mi (E)


at kabazurna si (B)

at piano fadiyez (F#)


at kabazurna do (C)

at piano sol (G)


at kabazurna re (D)

at piano la (A)


at kabazurna mi (E)

at piano si (B)


at kabazurna fa (F)

at piano do (C)


The kabazurna (Tenor shawm), the largest member in size of the zurna family, has a smaller employment area than the other folk music instruments. On the other hand, it is the primary instrument of Mehter music and folk dancing music.