Bendir Turkish Percussion Frame Drum Riqq, Tar

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  • Measurements:
  • Diameter: 17in. / 45 Cm
  • Depth; 3in. / 8 Cm
  • Weight: 1000gram
  • It Comes With Soft Case
  • Skin Is Syntetic. Birch Wood Also
  • The Bendir (Arabic: بندير‎; Plural Banadir, بنادير; Also Called Erbeni Or Arbani) Is A Frame Drum Used As A Traditional Instrument Throughout North Africa. Unlike The Tambourine, It Has No Jingles But Most Often Has A Snare (Usually Made Of Gut) Stretched Across Its Head, Which When The Drum Is Struck With The Fingers Or Palm Gives The Tone A Buzzing Quality. The Bendir Is A Frame Drum With A Wooden Frame And A Membrane. It Creates Different Tones According To The Spreading Of The Shock Waves Moving Across The Skins Itself.