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QUALITY COCONUT REBAB RUBAB w/ A BOW - BAG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Handmade  COCONUT rebab rubab in Turkey. Its back made of COCONUT and the design of the back have a very beautiful and attractive shape

  the rebab is played in Tasavvuf music in Turkey









Wooden pegs



It comes with Good quality BAG , Extra set  of Strings and Bow


Technical Detail:


                                                                                                               9 cm leather width and 13 cm total width

                                                                                                              8 cm depth

                                                                                                              Total Length: 88 cm

Bridge to Nut: 47 cm

3 strings

1 string is a horse hair and 2 ather metal


Neck is Hornbeam

Pegs: wood


horse hair bowl