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Woodwind Plum Wood Quena Quechua Qina Kena qn_43


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  • The Woodwind Instruments Are Made In Turkey, One Of Our Professional Makers Has Been Making Since Years.
  • 43 Cm X 2.50 Cm Hole Width
  • Material: Plum Wood
  • Shipping Is Airmail For All Countries.
  • The Quena (Hispanicized Spelling Of Quechua Qina, Sometimes Also Written Kena In English) Is The Traditional Flute Of The Andes. Traditionally Made Of Totora, It Has 6 Finger Holes And One Thumb Hole, And Is Open On Both Ends Or The Bottom Is Half-closed (Choked). To Produce Sound, The Player Closes The Top End Of The Pipe With The Flesh Between His Chin And Lower Lip, And Blows A Stream Of Air Downward, Along The Axis Of The Pipe, Over An Elliptical Notch Cut Into The End.

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