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Tef Tambourine Riq Marine W / Cymbals


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  • Name: Tef Def Tambourine Marine Doyra Dayereh Riq
  • Diameter: 22cm(dia) X 6 Cm(deep)
  • Weight Is 1200gr
  • Head: Wood, Brass Punched Cymbals
  • Skin Is Plastic
  • It Comes With Gigbag
  • Tuneable
  • An Advanced Playing Technique Is Known As The Thumb Roll. The Finger Or Thumb Is Moved Over The Skin Or Rim Of The Tambourine, Producing A Fast Roll From The Jingles On The Instrument. This Takes More Skill And Experience To Master.
  • The Thumb Of The Hand Not Holding The Tambourine Is Run Around The Head Of The Instrument Approximately One Centimeter From The Rim With Some Pressure Applied. If Performed Correctly, The Thumb Should Bounce Along The Head Rapidly, Producing The Roll.
  • The Thumb Roll Technique Can Be Made Easier With The Application Of Wax Or Resin To The Head. A Continuous Roll Can Be Achieved By Moving The Thumb In A Figure Of 8 Pattern Around The Head.
  • The Tambourine Or Marine (commonly Called Tambo) Is A Musical Instrument Of The Percussion Family Consisting Of A Frame, Often Of Wood Or Plastic, With Pairs Of Small Metal Jingles, Called "zils". Classically The Term Tambourine Denotes An Instrument With A Drumhead, Though Some Variants May Not Have A Head At All. Tambourines Are Often Used With Regular Percussion Sets. They Can Be Mounted, But Position Is Largely Down To Preference.
  • Tambourines Come In Many Different Shapes With The Most Common Being Circular. It Is Found In Many Forms Of Music,greek Music, Italian Folk Music, Classical Music, Roma Music, Persian Music, Gospel Music, Pop Music And Rock Music. The Word Tambourine Finds Its Origins In French Tambourin, Which Referred To A Long Narrow Drum Used In Provence, The Word Being A Diminutive Of Tambour "drum," Altered By Influence Of Arabic Tunbur "drum"., From The Middle Persian Word Tambūr "lute, Drum"

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